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7 marketing trends

Image blog WebSelfWith the digital world constantly evolving, it may be hard to keep up with the trends. For that reason, we did a small guide on 7 marketing trends to use right now.

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1. Video as a marketing tool

Video marketing will represent 80% of web traffic in 2020: if you’re not using it on your website, now is the right time to start! 

2. Chatbots

Chatbots can now answer basic questions, cutting waiting time for your customer service. 

3. Storytelling

We all love a good story, and social media is the perfect platform to entertain your customers with them.

4. The rise of the cost of social media advertisements

Social media advertising may bring in a lot of traffic, but be careful, they can be quite expensive. It is now crucial to select the right platform.

5. Growth hacking

Experiment with different channels of marketing to make your business known quickly. In 2018, SEO and video remain great ways to do so.

6. User-generated content

66 % of people prefer to trust one another instead of advertisements, which is why brands are turning to user-generated content to increase sales. 

7. Interactive content

To engage users with your content, use interactive media (quizzes, polls, video) in your content marketing strategy.